Somewhere within the realms of consciousness


Why do we do this to each other?

Why must we kill our own kind?

The federal government is getting out of control.


Vernix towel

I began life covered by a vernix towel

Eyes crack open and emblazoned all around

The rich display of reality chucks up a howl

I came forth and was lifted before I drowned

Shock hits home and my first vibration is a growl

Their joy can be picked up on by the sound

The cord is cut no harm no foul

My mother takes me in and I am free from the mound

Her smile is full of effulgence and blasts away her previous scowl

The pain of birth I will never know and for that she deserves to be crowned

To always be there and to lookout for me just like an owl

I shall cherish you now and long after I bid farewell at your burial ground

Counter Strike Life

CS pro n0thing raps like a demon…

I drank this bottle of wine!

Don’t worry I’ll start writing stuff again…

This is what happens when you overcook Jake Lamotta’s steak…