Somewhere within the realms of consciousness

The Mighty Boosh


back away

Crawling out of my den

I see a man with a gun

I shake his hand for we are men

A smile slips across his mug

Fear sprints away he is no friend

I back away but fall to the slug

Do not let this be your end

Back away from the usual trend

Bunker down until its time

Then rise against the political thug

This is how you do it

Check me out

This planet’s old, cold, dead, and crashing into us

A little advice…

OK, so I’ve been a little bit lazy as far as this blog goes. I know, the whole point was to post every day this month and my theme at the start was poetry. Now, I’ll stillĀ  be doing some more poetry but for now I’ve got one thing to say. Beer from a glass (cup or mug) is far superior to just drinking it straight from the bottle.


You know, that actually adds a huge element to the whole experience. Pour your favorite suds into a glass and enjoy!



its 11:59…. shits too hard with work

New World Order